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Llevamos trabajando más de 3 años con CORRUGATED ENGINEERING, y todos los retos que les hemos puesto han sido
resueltos más allá de nuestras expectativas:

Reducir desperdicio, aumentar velocidad, control de hoja curva, automatización del proceso, mejoras a la operación, problemas de mantenimiento, resolución de problemas puntuales, mejores prácticas, correr materiales no convencionales…etc.

CORRUGATED ENGINEERING aborda la situación con un enfoque profesional y sistemático que garantiza la solución.

El que nuestra planta se encuentre en el top 15 % del estudio de productividad y scrap de la FBA tiene mucho que ver con la asesoría de CORRUGATED ENGINEERING.


We have been working with CORRUGATED ENGINEERING for 3 years now, All the challenges we have thrown to them
have been solved beyond our expectations Be it:
How to reduce scrap or increase speed control warp Automation, maintenance and or operation issues, Equipment modification Trouble shooting Best practices Run exotic materials

CORRUGATED ENGINEERING has tackled the problem with a systematic and professional approach
That has pushed our plant into the top 15 % of the FBA productivity and scrap survey.

CEO Juan Javier Gonzalez Padilla

Tepotzotlan, Mexico


I have had the pleasure of working with Eric Daigle on several projects over the past few years.

Eric is my “go to” guy whenever I have a corrugator question.    Eric’s engineering background and vast experience in the corrugating industry have made him an invaluable resource.  I have used Eric’s skill set to audit every aspect of the corrugator (from wet end to dry end to process controls) and to pinpoint problem areas.  It is refreshing to get the opinion and analysis of an independent third party who can offer a variety of solutions based on budgets and time constraints. 


Eric’s affable demeanor and ability to communicate with industry veterans, as well as new hires, makes him a welcome addition to any discussion. 

Randy Banks

Sharp International

757 650 9905

Randy Banks, Sharp International, 757-650-9905

Virginia, USA


It is my pleasure to recommend Eric Daigle.  I have known Eric for 4+ years.  During this time, Eric was hired consultant for our facility, GoldenCorr Sheets. LLC.  Eric has been involved with GoldenCorr for 10+ years.

Eric communicates very well during the time spent in our facility, not only immediate needs but daily feedback on his findings. The audit is very thorough – from scheduling to shipping out the door.

Eric engages all employees in the day to day events.  He works directly with the maintenance department every day.  Eric does an excellent job of working with the employees, explaining \ coaching \ training throughout the week.  He has also had classroom training \ brainstorming meetings not only with the management team but also the Corrugator Crews. 

Eric’s knowledge of the corrugator as well as processes is by far the best I have experienced in my 31 years in the industry.  Any company that wants to improve both processes and mechanical opportunities would benefit from Eric’s expertise and professionalism.

Eric is a very intelligent individual. He not only has good business, mechanical,  process, analytical skills, but also has common practical sense.  He treats everyone with dignity and respect. He performs his audit with a very high level of detail.  At the end of the week, Eric has a debrief meeting to review all of his findings and recommendations.  Eric does not just list things needed; he recommends solutions.  A very in-depth report is emailed to a distribution which allows our facility to document on an action register with timelines.

Again, I would highly recommend Eric Daigle.

Katrina Boss

City of Industry, CA, USA